D-STANDART academy

Welcome to the D-STANDART Academy !

As part of the mission of D-STANDART to improve the fatigue evaluation of composite structures, we have created this online resource to help anyone who is interested in fatigue of composites gain a better understanding of the subject. On this page you can find videos and slides covering theory, as well as some practical exercises where you can work with real data from the D-STANDART project. The content of the D-STANDART Academy covers both the state-of-the-art knowledge in the composites community, as well as some new insights from the D-STANDART project. The initial content was developed to support our first Training Workshop in Delft on June 17th 2024. However, our ambition is to keep expanding the offerings over time, providing a solid introduction into the fascinating topic of fatigue of composites.

Theory session 1:

Fatigue testing methods

  • Introduction
  • Fatigue mechanisms

Practical session 1:

Fatigue delamination growth test analysis.

Note: The images are compressed. You will need to use Winrar or Zip support to unzip them. An alterntive compression is proposed if you don’t have Winrar.

Theory and practical session 2:

High frequency fatigue

  • Introduction
  • Theoretical formulation
  • Tutorial


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