Digital Thread


D-STANDART will facilitate the coupling of the results from the physical experiments conducted for capturing the influence of material properties on the fatigue and crack growth behaviour, the fatigue and durability models, and the automated monitoring of production for real-time defect/part acceptance analysis.


  • Support the lifecycle assessment conducted to demonstrate higher reliability of the design and sustainable use of material, and to identify and select standards that apply to the digital thread implementation, as well as to propose any relevant clarifications, enhancements, and possible extensions to the applicable standards, based on the digital thread implementation Project official logo.
  • Form a traceable link for all data and aids prediction of component fatigue at the design stage, leading to more efficient use of materials and extension of the component lifetime and will be supported by a framework that provides standards-compliant data formats, interfaces, a distributed, service-oriented architecture, and directives for implementing systems to support the lifecycle characterisation of composite materials and the aircraft components made from them.