Meet us at ECCM21

Meet our D-STANDART team members next week at ECCM21 !

Are you attending ECCM21?
Don’t miss this opportunity to meet us and hear about the first results from D-STANDART: four of our team members will present their works in one session on Fracture and Damage, and 3 different sessions on Fatigue.
The D-STANDART team co-organized the special session on Fatigue Assessment of Composite Structures, together with Anastasios Vassilopoulos (EPFL), Paolo Carraro (University of Padova), and Marino Quarisimin (University of Padova). D-STANDART team members will consequently chair two of the sessions on Fatigue.

  • Oral Communications /Fracture and damage V   | Wednesday 3 July 2024 – 2:30  [Room 2000]

Interlaminar Fracture Behaviour of Emerging Laminated-Pultruded CFRP Plates for Wind Turbine Blades under Different Loading Modes

  • Oral Communications /Fatigue VI  | Chair J.A Pascoe  | Wednesday 3 July 2024 – 2:45 [Auditorium 800]

Numerical investigation of fatigue crack-growth in a composite specimen featuring a cut-ply under vibration and four-point bending load
J. Schönthaler (NETHERLANDS)

  • Oral Communications / Fatigue -III  | Thursday 4 July 2024 – 10h30 [Auditorium 800]

Identifying the Most Effective Data Processing for Fatigue
Delamination Growth in FRPs: Insights on Artificial Data
F. Monticeli (NETHERLANDS)

  • Oral Communications /Fatigue -IV  | Chair F. Monticeli  |  Thursday 4 July 2024 – 11h45 [Auditorium 800]

Hybrid Paris-Erdogan laws estimation from high frequency
testing in T700/M21 composites
M. Lasen, D.Di Maio (NETHERLANDS)

Check out also the full programme and enjoy this key event, which provides a unique opportunity to gain valuable knowledge in all areas of composite materials and discuss emerging developments.