“Spotlight on Partners” series

Partner ICOMAT

We introduce to you today one of the British industry partners of D-STANDARD: ICOMAT, which designs and produces the world’s lightest structures for the aerospace and automotive!

ICOMAT‘s mission: To unlock the performance of composites and enable the next generation of vehicles which are lighter and more sustainable than ever.

To do this, the company developed the Rapid Tow Shearing RTS technology, the first ever defect-free fibre-steering process for composites, drastically expanding the potential design space of composite components.

Originally a University of Bristol spin-off, ICOMAT has grown to an SME with over 30 employees and expanded internationally, working with major OEMs. ICOMAT has also participated to numerous R&D projects supported by the EU, the UKRI, European Space Agency – ESA. Recently, the company has been awarded by the UK Space Agency to create a new fully automated production facility and form a cluster of domestic R&D and production sites.


Within D-STANDART project, ICOMAT brings its experience, knowledge and expertise on automated composite manufacturing and fibre steering. Our partner is in charge of manufacturing specimens with steered fibres with the RTS process for testing. It is also involved in performing a life cycle assessment of the proposed advanced components, as well as a market analysis and circular business planning.


Staff members: Jessica Souster, Eric Ainslie, Rony Seamons, Alex Smith