Understanding Crack Propagation in Composites: Mode I

Understanding Crack Propagation in Composites: Mode I

In addition to the complexity of composite materials, understanding crack propagation under cyclic loading is critical. A valuable method for this purpose is the double cantilever beam (DCB) fatigue test. In addition to other methods and modes of damage propagation, the example below refers to the work under development in the D-STANDART Project at TU Delft | Aerospace Engineering (John-Alan Pascoe and Yasamin Mosleh).

DCB fatigue testing is important for:

  • Durability assessment: Allows assessment of the service life of composites under dynamic loading conditions, which is critical for structural applications.
  • Understanding physical behaviour: By observing the crack growth rate and strain energy release ratio (SERR) per cycle, we can unravel and model the intrinsic mechanisms of fracture.

Check out the brief video set up by Franscisco Monticeli (TUD) !