What a year it has been !

Great year, Many exciting achievements and a New Coordinator !

The first year of D-STANDART wraps up 2023 with promising perspectives for 2024, already building up on significant achievements in terms of test planning, coupon manufacturing and conditioning, preparation of the necessary frameworks for micro-scale modelling of composites and the first steps toward the design and implementation of the digital thread architecture.
Also, process flows to capture energy usage and material wastage from composite manufacturing and testing are defined. This allows for further LCA, LCC and TEA assessment in 2024 and beyond.

From a dissemination and management point of view, all necessary plans and tools were prepared under the supervision of the project coordinator Vis Dhanisetty from NLR. Because he accepted a new role as Business Manager at NLR, Vis will step down as project coordinator. His colleague Marco Nawijn, who has many years of experience in composites and has been involved in different roles in several EU funded research projects, is taking over this role.

The D-STANDART team is welcoming its new project coordinator and we are already working on the preparation of major project steps and events in 2024, notably the first consortium technical workshop in February, and the first D-STANDART training workshop in the summer period.

Finally, our special session at ECCM21 will definitely be an important scientific Get Together in the field of fatigue characterisation of composites.

Stay tuned ! There’s a lot more to come in 2024!