Durability Modelling of Composite Structures

With arbitrary lay‑up using standardised testing and artificial intelligence

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Our Project

We aim to develop the futurE of composite materials

Develop rapid methods to characterise fatigue damage in composites and sustainability of composite supply chains; and thereby model the durability and sustainability of large-scale composite structures with arbitrary layups under realistic conditions (loads, environment, manufacturing imperfections).

  • Through minimal and accelerated testing of generic specimens.
  • Transferring the results of the experiments to large-scale structures using artificial intelligence and machine learning.
Our objectives

Our ambition

  • Enable reduced time-to-market, material waste, and increased lifespan
    of composite products in the aerospace and wind energy industries.
  • Align with the objectives of EMMC and EMCC councils.

Partners and Advisory Board

The D-STANDART consortium consists of 9 partners from 5 European countries.


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